Checked luggage

bagaglio stiva

Checked-in baggage includes those articles checked-in for hold transportation and they are not available...

Hand luggage

bagaglio a mano

It is allowed to transport only one hand baggage per passenger in the cabin with a maximum weight of 5 kilos and...

Bulky, sport, special luggage

Boing 767

The transportation of possible sport equipment (such as; bicycles, windsurf, kite, surf tables, golf bags) is allowed, but...

Pet transport

trasporto animali

The transportation of companionable pet could be subjected to any basic conditions, together with the fondametal...

Weapons transport


The transportation of guns and ammunitions just for the sport hunting is autorized in allowance and it is always...

Value declaration

dichiarazione valore

In order to declare valuables which are inside checked baggage, Neos gives passengers the opportunity...