Boeing 767

B767 MOONFLOWER - 284 seats


B767 MOONFLOWER - 284 seats

I-NDMJ “Ciudad de Habana"
I-NDOF “Moonflower”

Boeing 767 is a wide-body aircraft, and it was introduced alongside the Boeing 757, similar but narrow-body. It has undergone various modifications, until its last version, the 767-400. Compared to single-aisle aircrafts, the body of the Boeing 767 is 1.2 metres larger and the project versatility allows the its users to freely choose the lay out, featuring rows from 4 to 8 side by side seats in order to better satisfy the needs of the market in which it operates. The latest version released in 2000 is the 767-400.

The “extended-range” aircrafts have a typical three-class configuration, with a capacity between 181 and 245 passengers. The 767 boasts a technical punctuality for the departure, (within 15 minutes from the expected time), of almost 99%. On a global level, the average utilization of the 767 fleet, that is the time that each aircraft spends flying, is more than 10 hours.

In May 1985 the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the 767 for the possibility to fly long distance routes that would see it flying at 120 minutes from an alternative airport (the so-called ETOPS certification (Extended Twin-engine Operations). In March 1989, the 767 became the first twin-engine aircraft to be approved for ETOPS operations up to 180 minutes from the alternative airport. This allows for shorter e more direct routes, with significant time saving for transatlantic and transpacific routes. After more than 15 years the ETOPS has successfully satisfied all tests and it has become part of the normal operative procedure of many airlines.

Boeing has delivered more than 840 767 aircrafts which are utilized by about 80 airlines all over the world. The 767 family has accumulated more than 7.7 million flights and has carried millions of passengers. About 1.3 million of these flights have operated under ETOPS conditions. The 767 operates more ETOPS flights than any other aircraft. Neos airline has had three B767-300ER (extended range) aircrafts in its fleet, with which it operates long distance routes in its network under the ETOPS 180’ certification.

Seat map B767 Moonflower

seat map 767

Technical characteristics Boeing 767 Moonflower:

Dimensions and weights

54,94 m
Wing span
50,88 m
Fuselage diameter
5,03 m
15,85 m
Wing surface
285,35 m²
Kerb weight
90.000 kg
Max weight at take off
186.880 kg
Fuel capacity
91.000 lt


2 turbofan General Electric CF6-80C2
60.030 lb / 27.013 kg/s


Max speed
913 km/h /Mach 0.86
11.370 km
Max altitude
13.500 m