bagagli da stiva

Checked luggage

Checked-in baggage includes those articles checked-in for hold transportation and they are not available to the passenger during the whole flight. This baggage is weighted, tagged and registered on the passenger’s ticket and a receipt is given to the passenger. As provided by the current regulation and by the transportation conditions of the Carrier, it is forbidden to insert valuables, money, passports and other identification documents, jewellery a/o other fragile items (e.g. cameras, CD or MP3 player, camcorder, mobiles etc.etc.) inside checked-in baggage We would like to remind you that for security reasons it is strictly forbidden to give or accept baggages from other passengers.

Hold baggage allowance

The hold baggage allowance varies according to the flight haul, except where otherwise specified (e.g. special flights or particular destinations).The hold baggage allowance is strictly calculated per person: so it is forbidden to transfer a part or the whole allowance from one passenger to another. For each passenger the weight limit of the checked-in baggage is:

- 15 Kg for the short and medium haul flights
- 20 Kg for the long haul flights in Economy Class
- 30 Kg for the long haul flights in Economy Premium

If your baggage is heavier than the allowed limit, you will have to pay an extra charge, which amount varies according to the destination (see the chart at the foot of the page). For every kg of baggage exceeding the allowed limits, there will be applied a surcharge of:

€ 10,00 per kilo for the short and medium haul flights
€ 15,00 per kilo for the long haul flights

For passengers with Cuban citizenship who have made a reservation from / to Cuba they are entitled to a total of 40 kg of baggage allowance.

These surcharges must be paid at the departure airport and not at the travel agency. For the safety of the airport staff, any hold baggage cannot exceed the weight limit of 32 kilos. Neos reserves the right to deny the boarding of any item exceeding that weight.

Baggage tag

Neos requests that the hold baggage is identified with a name tag displaying your name, surname, address and phone number. It is important to remove from your baggage any tag concerning previous travels. A name tag will help the airport staff to correctly identify your baggage in case of loss or mishandling.

Forbidden articles in the hand or in the hold baggage

As per Reg. (CE) N. 820/2008 and local regulations, some articles cannot be transported in the cabin and in the hold of the aircrafts. Futher information are available on Enac website.