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Why book a flight to Lampedusa

Lampedusa is a small Mediterranean island full of history and beautiful beaches. Thanks to our direct flights to Lampedusa, it's easy to reach your destination immediately. It's the perfect moment to come explore an island abounding in history, art and beauty! Its white sand beaches and turquoise seas are famous throughout the world. Thanks to the flights to Lampedusa available on our website, it will be quite easy to reach your destination immediately. All the offers for Low Cost Flights to Lampedusa are here on our website! Ready to set off?




Euros (EUR)



Getting around Lampedusa

Flights to Lampedusa land at Sant José airport; you have many options for getting around from there. The island is well equipped for tourists and offers many services throughout the year. One of the most popular is the Ibiza Bus service, which brings you to the city centre and is offered frequently. Taxis are also abundant and very popular. Once you arrive at your destination you can get around on foot, or perhaps hire a bicycle.

What to see in Lampedusa

Lampedusa is full of monuments and artwork to see, such as the Lighthouse of Capo Grecale, a suggestive structure on the sea offering a wonderful panorama. The Sanctuary of Our Lady in Lampedusa is definitely worth a visit. Nature lovers will adore the Turtle Recovery Centre, where they'll learn about sea preservation and protecting its inhabitants. The statue of the Madonna del Mare is quite suggestive: an underwater work that can be seen from boats or on a dive.

The best beaches of Lampedusa

One of the most beautiful and loved beaches of Lampedusa is Cala Guitgia, famous for its white sands and crystal-clear sea. Don't miss Cala Creta, a beach with an emerald sea and breath-taking landscape, loved by tourists from all over the world. Cala Calandra is sheltered from the wind, which makes its sea particularly calm. Conigli Beach is wild and mysterious, with wonderful coasts and seabeds to explore snorkelling!

Dining suggestions

With its fauna and flora, Lampedusa offers a rich and varied cuisine. Among its typical restaurants we recommend the trattoria "Pescheria Azzurra", which only cooks the catch of the day, or "La Risacca", where you can taste the typical cuisine of Lampedusa.