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Travel restrictions update regularly, also check with the relevant authorities before you fly.

  • All passengers travelling to Sardinia must register themselves before departure on line via Sardinia region web site: sus.regione.sardegna.it. Once registration is done and complete, passengers will receive an email of receipt together with ID code and ID number. This receipt must be shown at check-in or gate before departure as proof of registration for travelling to Sardinia.

Following what is indicated in the Prime Ministerial Decree of 07 August, please note that boarding is only allowed for passengers wearing surgical masks or higher (FFP2-FFP3). All passengers who show up without adequate PPE may be denied access to the security restricted area.

Why book a flight to Olbia

Olbia is one of the most mysterious and fascinating cities in the Mediterranean. Founded in ancient times, its name comes from the Greek word "Happiness". It is famous for its history and great archaeological sites, but also for its unspoilt nature and beautiful beaches, a source of pride for all of Sardinia. And all at your fingertips! Thanks to the flights to Olbia available on our website, it will be quite easy to reach your destination immediately. All the offers for Low Cost Flights to Olbia are here on our website! Ready to set off?




Euros (EUR)



Getting around Olbia

Flights to Olbia land at one of the three largest airports in Sardinia, and an aeroplane is definitely one of the most convenient ways to get there! Once you land you can rely on Line 10 of the area's transport company ASPO, which with its frequent trips guarantees arrival in the city in little time. It's easy to get around the city on its buses, which also connect the centre of Olbia to its beautiful and famous beaches.

What to see in Olbia

The first must-see is the Basilica of San Simplicio, a historic structure full of frescoes which leads to a fascinating necropolis. The Castle of Pedres is an ancient jewel overlooking the sea, from which you can enjoy a dreamlike landscape. Another definite must-see are the Tombs of the Giants, a nuragic complex from the Bronze Age. The Archaeological Museum is also worth a visit. The La Maddalena national park of the archipelago is a place full of surprising charm and nature!

The best beaches in Olbia

Porto Istana Beach is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches on the island; its shining waters with splendid colours are a real joy for the eyes. Punta Saline beach amazes with its natural and wild landscapes. With its splendid sky blue waters, Costa Corallina is also a must. Cala Sabina is one of the most beautiful of them all: a gem of the Mediterranean, loved by anyone who visits it!

Dining suggestions

The cuisine of Olbia is simple, creative and rich in flavours thanks to the high quality of its raw ingredients. It is a very varied cuisine that uses locally raised red meats, fresh fish dishes and traditional desserts, all to sample in the area's restaurants. The best places for tasting local dishes are the restaurants "Il Gambero" and "Sperrittu", specialized in typical dishes.