Economy Premium

This class Economy Premium, thanks to 38 inches of pitch equal to 96.52 cm, offers more legroom. A cozy cabin with 21 ergonomic seats with height-adjustable headrest with "ears" flexible to ensure proper posture of the head and neck. The back has been changed in the lumbar to encourage the pursuit of S natural spine and was added to the footrest to maintain the correct posture of the back corner.

The Economy Premium class offers a range of services for accompanying you from start to destination. You can make use of dedicated check-in, fast track, vip lounge (where available), priority boarding and franchise hold baggage of 30kg. On board to ensure greater comfort doteremo our guests a travel cosmetic bag full of socks, eyeshades, earplugs, toothbrush, toothpaste and lip balm.

A choice of traditional Italian dishes prepared individually and served in china plates characterize our service edge. Depending on the duration of the trip will be offered a service that includes a hot towel, a welcome drink, a drink, a selection of appetizers, first course, main dish, a bottle of sparkling or still water to choice and variety DOCG wines of a major manufacturer of the Langhe. And finally, to make your stay on board as pleasant as we thought of an entertainment system with individual i-Pad full of movies, music and games. The Sennheiser headphones ensure better sound quality. The Economy Premium class will be available on our long-haul aircraft. The Economy Premium service on flights to/from China includes: Ergonomic seat with adjustable headrest and footrest, Checked baggage 30Kg, Check-in special, Fast track, Vip Lounge.

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