Courtesy in person

Airline professionals: passion is what drives everything.

On Neos flights every passenger is a guest. The staff has been recognized as one of the best among Italian airlines and this honor is cause for sincere pride, above all for a company like Neos, that believes that these kind of results are achieved by combining utmost professionalism with sincere passion. For the flight, the people, the children, the world.

The Neos team is made up of professionals that love the work they do and put their heart into every aspect of it. This attitude is difficult to teach, but easy to appreciate. The care that the staff devotes to each guest, from the moment of entry on board to the moment they leave the plane, is fundamental, because they represent the preview of the holiday. The beginning of a special moment with loved ones, so everything has to be perfect. Every request is accompanied with a smile. Curated service in even the smallest details.

The personnel that wears the Neos brand on their uniform is the embodiment of the company, represented by people of all ages because Neos believes it is important to give everyone the opportunity to grow. Incessant travelers are well aware that diversity is wealth, growth and culture. Every member of the team has something in common: the enthusiasm for flight and the passion for a job that is not just a job, but a real-life choice. Welcome on Neos.