Quality is the best recipe

Traditional Italian dishes and great Langhe wines: the best is on board.

Neos wants you to fly with taste. This is why they have prepared a menu inspired by refined Italian tradition, special in every way: from the recipes to the presentation. Each creation is in fact served in porcelain dishes, accompanied by steel cutlery and crystal glasses to allow for the maximum enjoyment of every drink, whether it is fine wine, sparkling wine, beer or simple drinks such as juices or cold teas. And for a hot and fragrant moment, the best Italian espresso or a classic English tea are always available.

Small details are very important to Neos, because details express the company’s sharp attention to both quality to its guests. This care is also reflected in the variety of dishes, designed to satisfy a wide range of tastes, from the most demanding travelers, to the youngest palates, as well as international customers.

This is what inspired about our varied selection of recipes, united by the passion with which they are prepared, by the premium ingredients, and by the flavor capable of winning over everyone. Like the warm calzone, a gem of Neos flights, served with a unique package and loved even by the little ones. Or the Dolcetto beef, a gourmet dish reserved for special guests.

On a Neos flight everyone is pampered, even in economy. Depending on the time of travel, delicious snacks take flight such as fresh pastries that make every break sweet, to the delicious main courses, inspired by fine gastronomic tradition, such as the delicious eggplant caponata or the unmissable lasagna with meat sauce. There is also the vegetarian couscous, a tantalizing carousel of seasonal side dishes, delicious appetizers and dishes dedicated to those with special dietary needs. The pleasure of the best cuisine is ready to fly with those that choose Neos, wherever they are headed.

Every passenger also has the possibility to order a snack or a drink when they prefer by choosing what they want from the tablet in front of them. At the end of the flight every guest receives a sweet farewell by Ricola, from Neos with passion.


Neos offers a wide selection of special meals to cater to different dietary requirements. It is possible to request the service while booking or by accessing the "MY RESERVATION" , for any need please contact the Neos Support Chat.
Attached to the e-mail containing the request the document Privacy Information must be sent with the signed consent for the processing of particular data. Requests without such consent cannot be processed.