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Passengers departing to China shall:

  • Perform the Covid PCR test which will then be carried out again upon arrival in China in addition to the mandatory quarantine in a facility designated by the Chinese authorities. The Covid PRC test must be carried out starting from 120 hours (5 days) before the flight. Tests carried out before 120 hours will not be considered valid and boarding will be confirmed only following the negative result of the test.
  • Complete the online check-in on the Neos website starting from 48 hours before the flight, and upload the Covid test PRC certificate directly to the web check-in page.
  • Complete the Health Declaration form self-certification requested by the Chinese authorities online at health.customsapp.com within and no later than 24 hours from the departure of the flight and keep evidence to be shown at the check-in counters in Italy and upon arrival in China.

The documents required for entry in China are:

  • Visa issued after March 28, 2020 (ONLY FOR NON-CHINESE NATIONALITY PASSENGERS)
  • Valid identity document (FOR CHINESE NATIONALITY PASSENGERS)
  • Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents (FOR HONG KONG AND MACAO PASSENGERS)

Why book a flight to Nanjing?

Are you looking for flights to Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province and the ancient capital of the empire ruled by the Ming dynasty? Great, begin by browsing through the various offers and choose one of the Low Cost flights to Nanjing that best suits your needs. This eastern Chinese city (located approximately 300 kilometres from the most famous city, Shanghai) is one of the oldest in the country. It is a centre of events that are fundamental to China's history and was elected capital several times. The most recent instance followed the foundation of the Chinese Republic before this investiture passed to Beijing definitively.




Renminbi (CNY)

Mandarin Chinese

+6h compared to Italy

Flights to Nanjing, China: how to get around

The airport serving Nanjing is located in Lukou, about 35 kilometres from the city centre. Reaching Nanjing from here couldn't be easier. The fastest method is the metro: just take the S1, which connects Lukou airport to the Nanjing South Station, making several intermediate stops. Tickets cost 7 yuan, less than one euro. Of course, taxis and buses are other options, however, they cost a little more. Once you are in the city, the metro makes it really easy to get around: it features 6 lines and takes you almost anywhere.

Places of interest

Any visit to Nanjing must begin at the Chaotian Palace, the construction of which began almost 2,500 years ago. It is a complex of buildings, with Wen Temple towering at the centre, a structure built entirely out of precious materials. Admission is free and it is really worth a visit. The Confucian Temple was built in 1034, although the last reconstruction dates back to 1984. The temple is huge, completely overlooking the Yangtze river; it features numerous shops and restaurants, as well as a number of exhibition rooms. The Panoramic area of the Línggu Temple, what remains of the Ming Palace and the area called Nanjing 1912, which includes numerous historic buildings and is effectively the beating heart of the city's nightlife, are must-see sites.

Typical bars and restaurants

Visitors seeking famous flavours definitely need to visit these two streets, located in the city centre. In the surrounding areas, it's easy to find restaurants specifically dedicated to tourists: Shanghai Lu and Shigu Lu. Those who want to savour the local cuisine can spend an evening in Nanjing 1912, a neighbourhood overflowing with typical bars and restaurants. Recommended restaurants include He Xiang Hui on Bejing West Road, Wan Li on Aoti Street, JiangNan Wok on Zhnongyang Road and Le Shang on Hankou Lu.