Alpitour World has drawn up a protocol that defines the procedures to be adopted in order to protect the health of guests and staff at all stages of the enjoyment of the holiday. The protocol arises from the experiences and needs of the various Group Divisions and collects the protocols of the individual companies, from that of the airline Neos to that of the hotel management company VOIhotels. HOLIDAYS EVEN THIS YEAR is the promise that Alpitour World makes to its guests because no virus will be able to take away the desire to make you travel!


According with EASA, IATA and ENAC guidelines, Neos developed a health safety protocol to inform passengers arriving at the airport, about the preventive measures put in place in order to ensure, at all times, a safe environment for travelers, crew members and staff and by reducing the risk of Covid19 transmission in the airport and on board aircraft as much as practicable. At the airport, preventive measures will be implemented to avoid over-crowded situations and to maintain social distancing; during check-in, boarding and on-board Neos flights, dedicated staff will be in charge to monitor and manage passengers. Guidelines will be transmitted to passengers prior to departure, through web site, call center, tour operators etc. Should passengers not respect health regulations, boarding will be denied.


Mandatory measures to be followed at the airport:

  • Access to airport terminals should be limited to passengers, crew members and staff to the extent possible. Accompanying persons should only be provided access in special circumstances as Persons with Reduced mobility, unaccompanied minors, etc.
  • We invite you to respect flows and dedicated access to the terminal, according with applicable regulation, to guarantee social distancing.
    For specific information, refer to the web site of your departing airport;
  • Wearing medical face masks in all the area;
  • Body temperature measurement before departure and at arrival, in compliance with current regulation, if the temperature recorded is higher than 37.5°, boarding will be denied;
  • Plexiglas protection screens at check-in, ticketing, information desks to enhance the social distancing;
  • Sanitation of the airport and ground service equipment.
  • Hand hygiene sanitizers available in all the areas (check-in, boarding, arrival etc);
  • Extended information program to passengers by signages, displays and announcements.


In line with the applicable regulation, Neos has implemented new actions in order to welcome passengers arriving at the airport and during check-in procedures:

  • It is mandatory to complete the self-certification form, (DPCM 24/10/2020) through Neos website 48H before flight departure, which certifies that you have not had contacts with people diagnosed with COVID-19, during the two days before and until 14 days after, the symptom onset.
  • Passengers are invited to carry out online check-in, to speed up procedures at the airport and avoid over-crowded situations.
  • Paper self-certification will be available also at check-in counters.
  • Staff will be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE).


Neos implemented new actions in order to avoid over-crowded situations and contact occasions, also for boarding:

  • ‘No contact boarding’ procedures, (where applicable);
  • Small groups boarding through dedicated announcements, maintaining distancing between passengers;
  • Self-certification control, in conformity with DPCM 24/10/2020, on web check-in passengers, who did not show up at check-in counters;
  • Secondary body temperature measurement, in accordance with applicable regulation.


In line with the applicable regulation, in order to avoid over-crowded situations and contact occasions, Neos implemented below actions:

  • Dedicated staff to convey passengers between front and rear door, in collaboration with the crew members and dedicated staff.


Only one hand baggage is allowed on board, size 55x40x20 and maximum weight 5kgs. Passengers are required to store any personal clothing (such as jackets, pullover etc) in the hand baggage before boarding or inside special disposable containers as per current legislation. (DPCM 24.10.2020)


  • All passengers are required to wear medical face masks during the flight even when social distancing is guaranteed;
  • Cabin crew, trained to assist passengers and subjected to periodically health checks as per applicable Regulation, will wear gloves and masks;
  • Cabin crew will assist passengers in order to avoid over-crowded situations near toilets and aisle. In accordance with international recommendations, in order to ensure social distancing, Neos catering service will be reduced and shopping, bar and hot beverage services suspended.


According to the applicable regulation below measures will be implemented:

  • Sanitation of the aircraft every 24 hours as a minimum standard or every time the aircraft returns to the homebase (compliant with Easa Directive Covid19);
  • Hand hygiene sanitizers available in every toilet;
  • Air ventilation with Hepa filters and recirculation system able to obstruct Covid19 transmission, according to DPCM 24/10/2020.


  • Children below 6 years old and people having a medical reason for not wearing face masks, can be exempted;
  • Before putting on a face mask, wash your hands with soap and water, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer;
  • Place the mask over your nose and mouth, making sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask;
  • It is recommended to remove and change the face mask every 4 hours flight, or after drinking or eating. Bring several masks with you, based on the duration of your flight;
  • Remove the mask from behind, by holding the elastic bands, being careful not to touch the front of the mask. Discard disposable masks immediately in a personal plastic bag. It is forbidden to leave masks on the floor, chair and toilet.
  • Finally, we remind you that, for access and stay at the airport and inside the aircraft, you must be equipped with certified protective devices such as surgical masks or higher (FFP2 / FFP3) while non-certified masks will not be allowed (eg . home made, washable, etc.). The lack of these devices may result in a ban on entering the airport and / or on boarding.