Related to deleted flights due to the COVID-19 emergency departing until 30 September 2020, as required by Law no. 27 of 24 April 2020 (and subsequent amendments), a Voucher will be issued for the full value of the reservation, with the following characteristics:

  • Validity of 18 months from issue;
  • Available on all Neos destinations open for sale, even with a departure date after the expiry date of the voucher, as long as the booking is made within 18 months;
  • Nominative, but on request of the voucher holder, can be used for reservations in favor of third parties;
  • Can be used to deduct on subsequent reservations within the value and term of validity of the Voucher;
  • Refundable in case of inactivity at the expiry date of 18 months or, for vouchers relating to air transport contracts, at the request of the holder after 12 months from issue.

Moreover, to allow you to use them with more serenity and flexibility, voucher be used not only to book a flight with Neos, but also to buy another service with one of the Alpitourworld Group companies (Alpitour, Press&Swan, Eden Viaggi, hotel stays) with the same deadline regardless of the company that originally issued the voucher:

  • Alpitour
  • Press&Swan
  • Eden Viaggi
  • Neos
  • VOIhotels


CLICK HERE or access the "MY RESERVATION" section, enter the reservation code (PNR) of your canceled reservation and the surname of one of the passengers, you will find a dedicated section with the promo code and information relating to your voucher




The promo code for the purchase of a Neos flight can be used directly on our website when booking, the PROMO CODE must be entered in the "VOUCHER CODE" section and the value of the voucher in your possession will be automatically deducted from the total. The voucher is issued to the owner of the reservation. The system will automatically verify if the owner is listed as passenger of the new reservation, if not present, the voucher will not be usable. If the value of the voucher is greater than the amount spent, a new promo code will be generated with the remaining part that can always be used within the established terms, all details will always be available in the "MY RESERVATION" section CLICK HERE.


To be able to use the voucher to book an Alpitour, Press&Swan holiday, contact the number +39 011 /, for an Eden Viaggi holiday contact nr. +39 0721 / 17.231 or at the best travel agencies.


As mentioned in the article 88-bis of Law n. 27/2020 (following the changes introduced by the Law n.77 of 17 July 2020), for unused Vouchers (partially or fully) the reimbursement of the unused amount is foreseen upon expiry of the 18-month validity.
In addition, for vouchers issued in relation to air transport contracts, the reimbursement of the unused amount can be requested by the holder of the voucher after 12 months of issue.
To enter your refund request, please, CLICK HERE.
If the application is correctly entered, you will receive an email with the case number.
We point out the reimbursement of the credit will be settled by bank transfer within 14 days after the submission (* please read the NOTE below).
At any time, by accessing your private area, you can monitor the progress of your application.

(* NOTE) By confirming the refund request before 12 months from voucher issue are gone by, your application will be valid but frozen and your voucher will be no longer available for new reservations.
The reimbursement will be managed within 14 days only after 12 months are expired as stated by Italian law n. 27/2020 - art. 88-bis.
If you prefer keeping your voucher available for reservations, you can apply later.


  • you have to be registered to submit a refund request; if you already have your user and password to log into the private area, you can use those access keys
  • refund requests submitted using other methods will not be accepted (for example using an email)
  • refund requests submitted by third parties (for example travel agencies) will not be accepted