Our fleet

The current NEOS fleet is composed of seven Boeings 737-800W (Winglet), two Boeings 767 Moonflower Extended Range Winglet) and four Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner respectively holding 186 single class seats in single and 284 seats in two distinct classes (Economy, Economy Premium) and 359 seats in two distinct classes (Economy that 36 seats are Economy Extra Plus, Premium). The entire fleet is equipped with winglets, vertical extensions on the wings’ tips. They reduce the turbulence that is generated by the air and hence they improve the aerodynamic efficiency, with consequent reduction in fuel consumption and increase in flight autonomy. The aircrafts are also authorized for low visibility landing of CAT 3A (B737-800) and CAT 3B (B767 Moonflower, flights ETOPS at 120 minutes (B737-800) and at 180 minutes (B767 Moonflower).

In the passengers’ cockpit the Boeings 767 Moonflower and the Boeings 787 Dreamliner utilize a light system called "mood lighting system". By utilizing a sophisticated led system in lieu of the old technology neon lights, the internal brightness can be varied in different colour tones for each flight phase which, furthermore, allows for significant energy saving whilst providing the same light intensity. he aircrafts of the Neos fleet are all equipped with IFE (In Flight Entertainment) which features a series of LCD screens to broadcast reportages, documentaries and movies of the Neos program, inclusive of a series of audio channels, divided in musical genres. Not least, the possibility to know at any time the current position of the aircraft along the route thanks to the Air Show system. Moreover, if needed, onboard our B767 Moonflower the passenger will be able to make phone calls thanks to the onboard satellite system by utilizing any credit card.

Neos airline and its aircrafts operate in full respect of the strictest certification standards. Among its certifications Neos holds not only European ones (EASA and EU-Ops) but also American (FAA) and Canadian (TCCA) ones. Furthermore, Neos can boast a top level operative capability.

  • ETOPOS operations (Performance Operative Standards for long distance twin engines) 120 and 180 min; its reliability level is constantly monitored which makes it possible therefore to fly over regions that are distant from the nearest airport;
  • Low visibility take-offs LVTO
  • Low visibility landings, category IIIa and IIIb
  • Flight operations RVSm, Reduced Vertical Separation Minima or Minimum
  • Precision in navigation at the top available level
  • Standards which reflect the quality and the reliability of the maintenance being carried out by the internal technical department and the constant commitment to crew training