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Continent: Central America

Country: French Republic

Capital: Paris

Main city: Basse Terre

Geographical position: in the French Antilles

Currency: Euro

Official language: French

Time difference with Italy: - 5 in winter and - 6 hours from March to October during Day Light Saving

International phone code: 00590 and then the local number

Document for entry: Identity Card for European Union citizens

Electricity: 220 V


Founded in 1794 during the French colonization of Guadalupe, the city is today the major city of Guadalupe with 412,000 inhabitants on a surface of 1,780 square km. In February 1843 it suffered from a heavy earthquake with buildings completely destroyed and hundreds of victims. Subsequently, and thanks to aids from the near Martinique, the Countries on the Gulf of Mexico and metropolitan France, a slow recovery occurred which saw the abolition of slavery and, in 1967, a bloody repression of a group of strikers. Currently it is an important channel for the cruises in the Atlantic Ocean and in particular in the Caribbean, and it has a well connected airport for intercontinental destinations, above all in France.


The climate is tropical with an average yearly temperature of 26°C  and it is characterized by a dry season, from January to May, and a wet season, from June to December, with rain and not rarely with tropical cyclones. The name Pointe a Pitre comes from a Dutch fisherman named Peter who lived for a long time on a promontory of the island in the XVII century.

To visit

To visit: the Saint-John Perse Museum of the Creole period, the Victor Schoelcher Museum about the struggle against slavery, the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral, the Guadalupe Acquarium, the Bas du Fort suburb, the fountain with water sprays in Gatibalza Square (Bergevin), Victory Square and the Town Hall Square. For the shopping we point out Rosebleu and A la Pansee and the Saint-John Perse shopping centre in the front of the harbor.


Every year in August the Cooks’ Festival takes place in Pointe a Pitre while every four years it is a stop-over of the Atlantic Ocean solo crossing, an event that starts in the French harbor of Saint Malò and that is called “La  Route du Rhum” (the Rum Run).